Got a bunch of friends you want to live with? Already got great flatmates, but looking to move together? We’ve got some helpful tips for anyone in London looking to rent a property for a group of people.

1. Size does matter in the bedroom department

No, seriously. Who wants to get stuck with the tiny bedroom? It won’t exactly encourage warm fuzzy feelings towards your housemates if they get king-size decadence and you can’t roll over without falling out of bed. It helps if the bedrooms are similar size with the same beds, but when this isn’t possible, maybe think about offering the shortchanged housemates a slightly lower share of the rent.

To avoid drama, it’s worth discussing beforehand who would be happy to take a smaller room/bed. Before you book a viewing, check the sizes of the rooms to make sure they meet your minimum requirements. No point wasting your time.

2. Everything but the kitchen sink

Flat-hunters in London have all experienced kitchen anguish. The price is right, the area’s jumping – and the kitchen is a single countertop in a random corner. Sigh.

The more of you there are, the more important the kitchen is! You’ll probably want to cook at similar times, and there might be a shortage of cupboard and fridge space as well. Make sure you think ahead and find somewhere that will actually work for your group. If you’re all apron-wearing foodies, a tiny galley kitchen might not work out…

3. Keep plugging away

There’s nothing worse than running out of power sockets. Extension cables will definitely come in handy, but you’ll want keep an eye on where those sockets are located, especially in communal areas. Nobody wants to have to move a sofa to charge their phone.

4. Shower, bath and beyond

If there are four or more of you, just one bathroom probably won’t be enough. It’s common sense – with two bathrooms, you can still nip to the loo even if Steve has fallen asleep reading in the bath again or if Lucy’s only halfway through an hour-long beauty regime, and it helps avoid the dreaded morning teeth-brushing queue.

5. Best seats in the house

If the flat is furnished, you’ll want to make sure there are enough places to sit and hang out in the communal area. If it’s unfurnished, then make sure there’s space for sofas and chairs. If space is at a premium, get ready to get super territorial (one flatmate of mine occupied the comfy armchair all day every day) or to never see each other outside your bedrooms.

So there are our tips for renting as a group in London. Hope we’ve been helpful and happy hunting!