Got a question?

What is Ems?

Ems is a service that combines the best of people and AI to deliver the best home search available. Think of Ems as your personal search agent.

Ems is super smart. But what matters most isn't all the clever stuff. Its the fact she works for you. She has got your back. Ems job is to help you find the perfect place to rent. 

Is Ems an estate agent?

No, because she doesn’t work for landlords or prospectors. She works for you.

Who does Ems work for?

If you’re looking to rent in London, Ems can help — whether you’re renting on your own, together with friends, as a couple, or with your family. 

Why do I only see a few places instead of loads like on other sites? 

Ems wants to save you time. So instead of giving you everything available Ems only shows you places she thinks you'll love that are available). Less is more. 

How much does it cost to use Ems?

It’s free to early customers, as a thank-you — by working with Ems you’re helping us make the service better every day.

Why can't I add min & max price like other sites? 

Ems is smart enough to make assumptions for you. So if theres a great place for a little more or less, or 5 minutes more commute, you won't miss out. Ems does exactly what we would do if we were searching, she uses common sense. 

How can I communicate with Ems?

Once you’ve had an initial chat here on the website, you can chat to Ems (and the team) by text. 

How long does Ems take to find places?

Once she’s got to know you, Ems will send her first suggestions within 24hrs. Then she’ll continue to suggest places as soon as they come available.

Will Ems keep messaging me after I’ve found a place?

Ems will search until you say stop.