Ems belongs on every home team

Our belief

We believe time is spectacularly precious. What matters to us most are the moments we spend with loved ones (more often that not) in the place we call home.

Moving home. People often rate it as stressful as a break-up. And it starts with the search, which can feel overwhelming from the start. Not being listened to. Lunch breaks scrolling. Being talked into pointless viewings. Being treated like you don't matter. For too long the odds have been stacked against you.

So we created Ems to put the power in your hands to find a place that‘s truly made for you. To win you back your precious time in the process. To give you someone on your side. Someone who’s always learning, getting better at understanding what you need where you’re based next. Together we’re building a new way to discover home.


In memory of Emily Jane - Gone too soon, still inspiring us to do great things 

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