Finally, home search that works for you.

Ems gets to know you so she can find you the perfect place to rent in London and get you in the door — without you having to say a word to an estate agent.

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always on and looking out for you so you don’t miss out

1 home for you

from 70,000+ properties in 650 neighbourhoods in London

2 taps

to book a viewing


personal details shared with estate agents

Find Home.

Lose the headache.

Hand over the hassle. Ems...

1. gets to know you

so she understands what the absolutely perfect new home looks like for you.

2. makes suggestions

based on what matters to you, including places you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

3. watches constantly for new places

keeping an eye out 24/7 so you don’t miss out

4. and books viewings for you

so you’re first in the door, without passing any of your details to the estate agent.

Join others getting the life they want renting.

With Ems handling the tedious side of your search, you can focus on stuff that matters. Like getting that gut feeling when you know you’ve found the place where you’ll truly love living.

No one likes having to repeat themselves

Ade told us he registered no fewer than 6 times last time he was looking for a place.

Tell Ems what you are looking for in a single chat and she will search everything in London for you. Be as specific as you like for a truly personal search.

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Because they don't listen

Bella told us she is frustrated with being bombarded with irrelevant emails and being shown properties that aren't what she asked to see.

Ems only suggests places that fit with your search and learns from your feedback.

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No time to waste

Shirley is bored of going online three times a day to sort through lists of properties to find one she likes, only to find out it's already gone. 

Ems does the hard work sorting for available places you won’t want to miss. No more scroll, scroll, scroll. No more spending your lunch breaks chasing agents.

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Guided on the right place, not sold into one

Grace wanted to find a great home in a great neighborhood. No sales tricks. No nasty surprises. 

Ems can make suggestions, tell you what’s great (and what’s not) and answer any questions you have about it.

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Ems has your back

Ems is on your side. She gets no commission and has no agenda or allegiance to any agent over another. She simply wants to help you find the perfect place to live in London.

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